General Terms and Conditions

1. Atelier Algier website is owned by Peter Algier ,following described as the Seller.
He is acting as Seller of the shown items.

2. The stuff you want to buy should be confirmed as available by the Seller. If the Buyer reconfirms the offer per Email or by other methods of communication, the Parties , the Seller and the Buyer , thereby enter into contract.

3.Modifications to the Seller's offer requested by the Buyer have to be confirmed expressly in writing by the Seller to the Buyer (per mail, fax or Email) in order to become valid.

4.The risk of damage or loss shall pass to the Buyer when the item is handed over to the shipping contractor or the Buyer. If requested by the Buyer, the Seller shall - under no liability - arrange for a shipping or spedition company, which will be engaged on the Buyer's behalf and to the Buyer's account.

on request we offer the possibility of a personal delivery and presentation at your rooms by our own service (Europe only). In this case we need to fund the complete extracosts in advance, they are not refundable in any case.

5.The offered items are in that condition shown on the pictures. Selling on Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware) , also for not visible defects , except for guaranteed qualities and for deliberate concealment of defects by the Seller.Qualities are regarded as guaranteed only if the Parties have agreed on in writing. Illustrations of and information about each item are generally only descriptive and do not represent guaranteed qualities.
Articles wich are described as original are respectivly sold as not new( i.e. used) .Items described as new ,like our Screens , are re-editions and not period productions

6.If the Buyer fails to make any payment on the due date - within ten (10) working days from the date the Contract was entered into , the Seller shall be free to sell the item elsewhere. In this case, the Buyer cannot claim for damages. However, the refund of the purchase price paid by the Buyer is not affected by this exclusion.
If the Buyer is a dealer, the Contract for the Transfer of Use and Enjoyment, including these General Terms and Conditions of Business, is subject to the substantive law of the Federal Republic of Germany - thus excluding the UN sales law.If the Buyer is the consumer, the Contract for the Transfer of Use and Enjoyment and the General Terms and Condition of Business are subject to the Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. If the client is a dealer in a sense of the HGB (German commercial code), then Saarlouis, Germany, shall be the exclusive jurisdiction place.
If one single term of the General Terms and Conditions of Business is invalid, the remaining terms are not affected thereby. The invalid term shall be substituted by one which is the closest in a legally effective way as well as legally and economically to the content and purpose of the invalid term.

7.Screens ,Copyright c Atelier-Algier, here also described as Paravent ,are 100% handcrafted by our craftsmen. Small irregularities in shades, surfaces, and finishes are hallmarks of craftsmanship and should not be considered defects. Actual items may differ slightly in color from images on the web site. Specifications of individual items are subject to change and may differ from those shown or stated. All as orignal described items are sold as original period stuff ,in the condition they are shown on pictures and confirmed by the Seller as original. Re-editioned screens, reproduced and on direct sale in the United States of Amerika are subject of US copyright law (PUBLIC LAW 105-298-OCT.27-1998). If the non-US customer buys screens outside of United States of Ameika or from third party we are not responsible concerning author rights. Customers have to regard their local laws.

8.In case of any uncertainties which arise due to errors in translation, the German version of this disclaimer is the legally binding one.